Discord Bot Setup & Overview

Have you heard the news? FateUHC now has a Discord bot that you can invite to your own Discord guild. This will help you as a FateUHC buyer to link your server to your discord to get alerts and more on your matches.

Shows all commands.
!uhclink [server_id]
Link your server to FateUHC
!uhcunlink [server_id]
Unlink your server from FateUHC
Show all linked servers from FateUHC
!setalertschannel [channel]
Set the channel to receive match alerts
!setalertsrole [role]
Set role to be mentioned in the alerts channel
Set IP to show in alerts to get players to join
!setwhitelistrole [role]
Set the role required for whitelist command
Toggle FateUHC plugin updates
!leaderboards [name]
Show the top ten of a specific leaderboard
!whitelist [username] [token]
Pre-whitelist player to matches with their token
!stats [username]
Show stats for a player during an ongoing match
If you are not getting a response from the bot regarding using the !uhclinks command, make sure you have a role with the ADMIN permission turned on.

Once you invite the bot you will need to link your server using the !uhclink [server_id] command. You can locate your server_id inside your discord.yml file, located within your plugins/fateuhc folder.
Example (from discord.yml)
SERVER-LINK-ID: 55724d15-7dd7-424a7-b247-f6a4917bd139
Your ServerID is unique to your server. DO NOT SHARE IT!
Incorrect Linking
Correct Linking
As long as the server you are trying to link is online, you will receive the following message in the console and, in-game.
Console Message
In-game Message
You will then have to confirm your link request will the bot by running the following command in-game.
/uhclink [guild_id] true
Example server link command
After you have accepted the link request you will be greeted with the following messages.
Discord Message
In-game Message
Congratulations. 🎉
Your FateUHC server is now linked to our Discord bot. You can link as many FateUHC servers living on your network as you want.
For correct statistics remember that all your FateUHC servers need to be connected to the same MongoDB.

You can view linked servers with !uhclinks and remove a linked server with the !uhcunlink [server_id] command.
Example Message

You can set a channel to receive alerts of ongoing announcements during a match using the !setalertschannel command. You can also set a role to receive ping on each announcement using the !setalertsrole command.
Usage of !setalertschannel
Usage of !setalertsrole

You can toggle the update notifications channel by using the !enableupdates command. This channel will send you updates about the FateUHC plugin.
Example Message
This command will create a new channel called #bghd-updates.
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