1.104 - Changelog

This release is defined as STABLE. Learn what this means: https://fateuhc.bghddevelopment.com/release-types

Theses hotfixes were released weeks ago though per MCM rules due to limited changes were not announced via the notification system. Discord and email users were alerted like normal.
  • Fixed errors on death if not killed by player.
  • Fixed errors on win due to async change.
  • Fixed a crash on team games due to new command execution option.
  • Added /revive as another option for /respawn

  • New Placeholders (Listed Below) Full placeholder list: https://fateuhc.bghddevelopment.com/placeholders
  • Updated documentation sounding /uhcholograms as it was incorrect.
  • Clarified Discord bot documentation to ensure the user has the correct roles.
  • Some bug fixes.
  • Mute checks added to spectator chat for supported API's.


  • Episode timers.
  • Leaderboard placeholders.
  • Attempt at more version support.
  • Recoded vote system.
  • Customizable config menus.
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1.104 - 6/5/2021
Changes added in hotfixes;
New Placeholders
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