3.102 - Changelog

This update is the first using a new system for compiling and releases. Please report any issues you have on our Discord server. Thanks!

  • Fixed an issue where late scattered players would remain in spectator chat. (BGHDDEV-251)
  • Added new config option in /config admin - EXACT FLAT (BGHDDEV-266)
  • Added new config option in /config admin - EXACT FLAT SIZE (BGHDDEV-266)
EXACT FLAT should only be enabled when FLAT is disabled.
  • Fixed /configmanagement opening the wrong GUI. (BGHDDEV-267)
  • Added 2 config management messages to language.yml (BGHDDEV-266)
  • Added new config option in /config admin - ONEHUNDERED_BORDER_SCENARIOS (BGHDDEV-216)
While this option has been moved from the uhcconfiguration.yml the scenarios must be set manually via the uhcconfiguration.yml for now. This will change in a future update.
  • Removed true/false toggle from uhcconfiguration.yml for border scenarios. (BGHDDEV-216)
  • If you are using the MizuCore integration and you do not have the API installed the plugin will now auto download it from our depend site. (BGHDDEV-268)
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Example of how the auto download works.
  • Fixed arrows doing damage to teammates. (BGHDDEV-252)
  • Fixed rods doing damage to teammates. (BGHDDEV-252)
  • Increased the amount of glass border which shows from 6-10 to prevent users from jumping and glitching into it. (BGHDDEV-254)
  • Changed how many blocks players are spawned above on TP to prevent any fall damage on lower border numbers. (BGHDDEV-253)
This should not have any effect on performance. If you notice issues please reach out on Discord.
  • Fixed an issue where some of the API's Fate uses were not being shaded.
  • Red vs Blue methods remade so it does not require a restart or no players on the server. This was tested at a small scale only, please report any issues. (BGHDDEV-269)
  • Made the API message more clear.

I have tested Lucky Roulette about 45 times during testing of this update. It worked for me 100% of the time. If your having an issue with it please provide a video and detailed log of the issue via our Discord support chat. If I cannot reproduce a bug there is no way for me to fix it. Thanks!
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3.102 - 3/30/2021