3.85 - Changelog

  • Mobs are no longer removed before the game begins (excluding lobby/practice). This may solve issues for some users while for most will not change anything.
  • Updated message for /fateuhc fixing some spacing issues with server id's.
  • Added new config option called Sheep Drop String which if set to true will make sheep drop 1 string on death. (REQUESTED)
  • Last Countdown to the config. (REQUESTED)

  • Made changes to how teams are created when LAFS is enabled to hopefully prevent issues.
  • Added check for the game to prevent issues with rods and bows in practice.
  • Renamed some classes in the code to be more clear.
  • Remade a major part of the startup code to make it cleaner and use less methods. Main class went from 600 to 400 lines. About time I got around to doing that.
  • Fixed spelling with /sendcords
  • /scatter now can be done with /latescatter (REQUEST)
  • Border ActionBar and BossBar now display the correct time in minutes rather then 1000+ seconds. Follows config formatting.
Example of how it looks.

Add this to your uhcconfiguration.yml
#This value is how long after scattering you should wait before the game starts. Default: 16

These features are not added yet but are planned for an upcoming release.
  • Configurable Super Hero scenario effects
  • API
  • More optimization and code cleanup.
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3.85 - 11/24/2020
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