3.93 - Changelog

This update changes how the plugin hooks into the Discord Bot. We recommend updating ASAP to ensure compatibility.

  • You can now enable scnearios at 100x100 border (BGHDDEV-68)
  • iPvP and PvP alerts are now clickable (BGHDDEV-79)
  • Added painting and item frame break detection. New Permission: uhc.itemframe.remove (BGHDDEV-95)
  • Join/Leave message handling was recoded to bypass default mc fully (BGHDDEV-96)
  • Update checker added! Update notification permission: fateuhc.update (BGHDDEV-104)
  • Recoded the way the plugin handles getting bot details (BGHDDEV-83)
  • Recoded the way the plugin sends console messages (BGHDDEV-105)

  • Fixed issue with chat prefixes being disabled fully if chat formatting was (BGHDDEV-98)
  • Fixed issue with MLG not ending when player died (BGHDDEV-93)
  • Fixed issue with bot details not always returning correct error code (BGHDDEV-83)
  • Fixed issue with spectator prefix not displaying when player was in spectator chat mode but not in spectator mode. (BGHDDEV-100)

Add this to your uhcconfiguration.yml
#100 Border Scenario Options *Must have 100 border in SHRINK-STREAM*
#Scenario List: https://fateuhc.bghddevelopment.com/scenario-list
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3.93 - 12/27/2020
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