3.94 - Changelog

  • Many classes have been moved around to prepare for the API release. (BGHDDEV-47)
Want to test the API? Read more about the ALPHA testing here:
  • OceanCore has been added to supported cores. (BGHDDEV-121)
  • Config option to modify combat logger time added. (BGHHDDEV-123)
  • Config option to enable/disable API added. (BGHDDEV-47)
  • Config option to modify blocked interaction blocks added. (BGHDDEV-120)
  • /autostart can now be run by console. (BGHDDEV-116)

  • Exposure now gives the correct effects and teleports players correctly. (BGHDDEV-130)
  • Glass border ID has been fixed and will display correct colors. (BGHDDEV-133)
  • Super Hero scenario defaults have been fixed to fix issues with per version issues. (BGHDDEV-126)
  • Carrot Combo has been fixed for 1.8. (BGHDDEV-125)
  • Scenarios that could not be changed mid game but still activated has been fixed. (BGHDDEV-128)
  • Extra inventory scenario now has a description. (BGHDDEV-129)
  • Vein Miner has been fixed. (BGHDDEV-131)
  • Birds scenario has been recoded to fix issue on some versions of not giving fly. (BGHDDEV-118)
  • Absorptionless has been fixed for MC 1.8 (BGHDDEV-134)
  • Abosorptionless will now work correctly with crafted apples. (BGHDDEV-134)
  • Update check will now return correct spelling woops (BGHDDEV-121)

  • RedVSBlue has been disabled temporarily to fix issues with teams. Expect this in the next few updates. (BGHDDEV-117)

Add this to your uhcconfiguration.yml
#Should the FateUHCAPI be enabled? Learn more: https://fateuhc.bghddevelopment.com/fateuhc-api
#Players will be blocked from interacting with these blocks in sepectator mode. Please use the Material name not ID's.
#When using WorldBorder this may break, this is due to their event handling and cannot be fixed currently.
#How long should the combat logger remain spawned? 20 = 1sec. Default 1200 = 1min.
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