3.95 - Changelog

3.95 - 1/9/2021


  • Added /testformat [uhc.testformat] which allows you to view all chat formats at once. (BGHDDEV-101)

  • /trail, and /trails can now be used to open cosmetics menu. (BGHDDEV-137)

  • API is now enabled and cannot be turned off. BETA release of API will be soon.


  • Made changes to switch scenario, player tracker, and bow hit notifications to prevent showing the players username when anonymous was active. (BGHDDEV-136)

  • Moles not replacing suffix and prefix. (BGHDDEV-142)

  • Players in the "active player" menu could not be teleported too when in nether. (BGHDDEV-141)

  • Frozen players can no longer hit players while frozen. (BGHDDEV-143)

  • MLG continuing after the player dies. (BGHDDEV-140)

  • CarrotCombo will now display the carrot in the crafting table and not give the sword. (BGHDDEV-138)