3.96 - Changelog

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Replace "PlayerNameHere" with the player you want to get the data for. If data is not found it will return "No Data Found".

%currentkills% is now %FateUHC_p_current_kills_PlayerNameHere%
  • Fixed some stuff with API ALPHA. (BGHDDEV-47)
  • Placeholder wiki link now displays on startup if PlaceholderAPI is installed. (BGHDDEV-52)
  • PlaceholderAPI can now be used on scoreboard. (BGHDDEV-52)

  • Fixed issue with spec chat not disabling on respawn. (BGHDDEV-145)
  • Fixed spelling with hypixel head default language.yml file. (BGHDDEV-144)
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3.96 - 1/12/2021
New Placeholders (BGHDDEV-52)
Changed Placeholders