3.98.1 - Changelog

  • New Player Placeholders (BGHDDEV-147)
  • Removed customizable join/leave messages and just left the option to toggle the default on/off. *REQUESTED* (BGHDDEV-196)
  • Fixed issue with goldenheads and goldenapple placeholders. (BGHDDEV-201)

These return the same info as the other placeholders but do not require the player name, they will return the current players stats. (REQUESTED)

%FateUHC_finalheal% - Returns final heal time
%FateUHC_graceperiod% - Returns grace period time
%FateUHC_nethertime% - Returns grace period time
%FateUHC_applerate% - Returns apple rate
%FateUHC_latescatterperiod% - Returns late scatter period
%FateUHC_skyhightime% - Returns sky high time
%finalheal_current% - Returns time remaining tell final heal
%graceperiod_current% - Returns time remaining tell grace ends
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3.98.1 - 1/6/2021
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