Bungee Announce Setup


To use the Bungee Announce command within the FateUHC plugin, you must have the announce addon installed. You can find the addon at our depend/addon site: https://depends.bghddevelopment.com

Install & Setup

Put the addon jar that you obtained from the #depends-addons site into your BungeeCord plugins folder.

Open the uhcconfiguration.yml file in the FateUHC plugin folder.

Locate the following configuration:


Change it to


You can now use the /announce command to make announcements within the FateUHC plugin. If you encounter "Unknown Server" in the message when running this command, you can change it in the server.properties file of your UHC server. Locate the following line:

server-name=Unknown Server

Change it to

server-name=Your Server Name Here

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