Commands & Permissions
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Last Update: 6/22/2022

/announce - announce uhc game globally (Requires BungeeAddon) [uhc.announce]
/border - reduce border size manually [uhc.border]
/clearlagg - clear all entities [uhc.clearlag]
/data - main command for manipulating with data [uhc.data.edit]
* /data update-leaderboards
* /data dropAll
* /data <player> set kills <number>
* /data <player> set deaths <number>
* /data <player> set gamesPlayed <number>
* /data <player> set wins <number>
* /data <player> set killStreak <number>
* /data <player> set points <number>
/giveall - give game players items [uhc.giveall]
/setgametime - set game time duration - developer only!
/starterinventory - edit starter inventory [uhc.starterinventory]
/uhc - main command for uhc [uhc.edit.commands]
* /uhc start [uhc.start]
* /uhc setlobby [uhc.setlobby]
* /uhc reload [uhc.reload]
* /uhc locations
* /uhc checkrelogg
* /uhc gc,lag,performance
* /uhc stopLoading [uhc.stoploading]
* /uhc setpvp [uhc.setpvp]
* /uhc reboot <now:time> [uhc.reboot]
* /uhc sethologram <type> [Must be in uhc_lobby world]
/whitelist - main command for whitelist [uhc.whitelist]
* /whitelist on
* /whitelist off
* /whitelist list
* /whitelist all
* /whitelist clear
* /whitelist add <player>
* /whitelist remove <player>
/freeze - freeze/unfreeze player [uhc.freeze]
*/freezeall - freeze all players
/invsee - see player's inventory [uhc.invsee]
/unsit - unsits a player [uhc.unsit]
/sit - sits a player [uhcsit]
/helpop - request help from staff members [None]
View helpop - [uhc.helpop.see]
/report - report system [None]
To see report [uhc.report.see]
/sethost - sets the host [uhc.sethost]
/removehost - removes the host [uhc.removehost]
/spectatorchat - toggle spectatorchat [uhc.spectatorchat.command]
/respawn <player> <reason> - respawns player [uhc.respawn] | See the reason for respawn [uhc.respawn.see]
/moles list - Lists all mole players [moles.access]
/moles chat - Enables mole chat
/points <give/remove> <player> <amount>- gives and removes points [uhc.points.manage]
/regeneratemap - restarts the generation of the map [uhc.regeneratemap]
/builduhckit <set/default> - Sets the BuildUHC scenario kit [builduhc.edit]
/scatter - scatter player into the game [uhc.scatter]
/rescatter- rescatters existing players [uhc.scatter]
/spectator(/staff,/mod) - put yourself into spectator mode [uhc.spectator.staff]
/alerts - toggle alerts with gui [alerts.open]
Permissions to use the alerts:
/autostart - set autostart countdown [uhc.autostart]
/heallall - Heals all players [uhc.healall]
/backpack - open up team backpack [None]
/goldenhead <player> - gives a player a goldenhead [uhc.goldenhead]
/goldenheadall - gives all players a goldenhead [uhc.goldenheadall]
/config - see current configurations [None]
*/config admin - configure the game [uhc.edit.config & uhc.edit.scenarios]
/scenarios - see current scenarios [None]
*/scenarios admin - configure the scenarios [uhc.admin]
/cosmetics - open up cosmetics menu [None]
/extrainv - open up extra inventory [None]
/health - check player's health [None]
/kills - check player's kills [None]
/leaderboards - see leaderboards [None]
/exps - modify's exps [uhc.exps]
/border - modify's border [uhc.border]
/teleport - teleportation [uhc.staffteleport]
/specteleport - spectator teleport [uhc.spec.tp]
/practice - join practice arena [None]
/practice on/off/edit [practice.edit]
/stats - see player's statistics [None]
/topkills - see top kills of the game [None]
/serverid - Returns server ID [None]
/gameid - Returns game ID [None]
/vote - vote for scenarios and configs [None]
/party - main command for parties/teams [None]
*/party set | /party size - edit party stuff [parties.edit]
*/party list - see info on someone's party
/sendcoords - send coords to your party members [None]
/assign <player> <add/remove> <partyhostname> - Adds/Removes players to and from a party [uhc.assign]
/discordannounce - discord announcement [uhc.discord.announce]
/rules - rules [None]
/tweet - open the twitter GUI (Requires TwitterAPI) [uhc.tweet]
/uhcholograms - hologram help and set menu (Requires HologramAPI) [uhc.holograms]
/nightvision - toggles night vision [uhc.nightvision]
/ubl - Says if UBL is enabled/disabled.
/despawnlogger <player> - despawns combat logger [uhc.combatlogger.despawn]

Use mod items - uhc.mod
Border Spectator Permissions:
uhc.spectate.y.bypass - Be able to spectate under y-45
View spectator chat - spectator.chat.see
Bypass deathkick - uhc.deathkick.bypass
Allows staff to move items in inv, drop them, delete them - uhc.inv.bypass (DO NOT GIVE TO ANYONE NOT TURST WORTHY)
Open and use /settings - settings.open
Toggle the sound section of the settings menu - settings.sounds
Toggle the scoreboard section of the settings menu - settings.scoreboard
Break blocks while in spectator and creative mode - game.block.break
Place blocks while in spectator and creative mode - game.block.place
Give all cosmetics - fateuhc.cosmetics.*
Allow breaking item frames and paintings - uhc.itemframe.remove
Receive update notifications - fateuhc.update
See players real name in anonymous scenario - uhc.see.anonymous
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