Database Setup

Setup a database for FateUHC

MySQL or MongoDB is required to allow FateUHC to function.

MySQL is offered for free by the majority of Minecraft hosting companies. Please reach out to your host to learn if they provide a free database. MongoDB Atlas is also a good free MongoDB host.

Config File

In order to setup MySQL or MongoDB with FateUHC, you must run the plugin once to generate the data.yml file. This is the default file that you can compare if needed.

The first time MySQL is connected, you will receive Leaderboard errors. Please restart once, and those will disappear.

#Option 1
  ENABLED: false
  HOSTNAME: "localhost"
  PORT: 3306
  DATABASE: "uhc"
  USERNAME: "root"

#Option 2
  ENABLED: false
  # If you wish to use mongo client URI instead, enable this option
    ENABLED: false
    URI: ""
  # If your host supports TLS/SSL enable this option
  SSL-ENABLED: false
  PORT: 27017
  DATABASE: "uhc"
    ENABLED: false
    DATABASE: "admin"
    USERNAME: ""
    PASSWORD: ""

Converting MongoDB to MySQL

If you wish to migrate from MongoDB to MySQL please do the following:

  1. Ensure your MySQL database is empty, you cannot import into an existing database.

  2. Enable both MongoDB and MySQL with all the details set.

  3. When the server starts the transfer will begin.

  1. When the data transfer says it's complete the server will stop.

  2. Disable MongoDB in the data.yml

  3. Start the server and your good to go!

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