Scenario & Config List


This is a list of the exact scenario names used inside the plugin. You will need these exact names when using the API or using /scenario EXACT_SCENARIO_NAME and /config EXACT_CONFIG NAME <true:false,value>.

Last Updated: 4/7/2024

When using the /scenario command it will bypass any conflicting scenarios. This is by design as this command is for debugging or manual enable/disable of scenarios via console.

Scenario List

RANDOM: This will cause random scenarios to be picked. 
TIMBER: When you break one log, the whole tree will be chopped down. 
CUT_CLEAN: All ores and drops will be pre-smelted. 
NO_CLEAN: When you kill someone, you will become undamaged for 20 seconds. 
TIME_BOMB: When you kill someone, their loot will be put into a chest which will explode after 30 seconds. 
CHEST: When you kill someone, their loot will be put into a chest. 
SAFE_LOOT: When you kill someone, if Time Bomb is active, only the killer will have access to the chest. 
TRIPLE_ORES: Any ore you mine will be 3 times more. 
DOUBLE_ORES: Any ore you mine will be 2 times more. 
BLOOD_DIAMONDS: When you mine diamond ore, you will lose half a heart. 
BLOOD_GOLD: When you mine gold ore, you will lose half a heart. 
DIAMOND_LESS: Diamonds cannot be mined, instead you will receive 1 diamond when you kill a player. 
GOLD_LESS: Gold cannot be mined, instead you will receive 1 gold ingot when you kill a player.
NO_FALL_DAMAGE: Players will not take fall damage.
FIRE_LESS: Players will not take fire damage. 
LUCKY_LEAVES: You will have a 0.5% chance that a golden apple will be dropped from a tree.
ROD_LESS: Fishing rods are disabled. 
BOW_LESS: Bows are disabled. 
BACK_PACKS: Opens your parties backpack by typing /backpack 
TRIPLE_EXP: Mining ores will gain you 3 times more exp. 
DOUBLE_EXP: Mining ores will gain you 2 times more exp. 
LIMITED_ENCHANTS: You cannot craft enchantment tables. Unbreakable enchantment tables will be spawned at 0,0 and in each quadrant. 
IRON_LESS: Iron cannot be mined, instead you will receive 8 iron ingots when you kill a player.
BROADCASTER: When a player mines gold or diamonds, there is a 15% chance that their location will be broadcasted to the server. 
BLOOD_ENCHANTS: You lose half a heart for every level you enchant. 
WEB_CAGE: When you kill a player, a sphere of cobwebs surrounds you. 
INFINITE_ENCHANT: You can infinitely enchant, with no limitations. Players will receive a stack of enchantment tables and anvils, 2 stacks of bookshelves, and start off with 30,000 exp levels.
SWORD_LESS: Swords are disabled. 
TREE_DROPS: Gold has a 0.5% chance, diamond has a 0.1% chance, and feathers have a 10% chance of dropping from leaves. 
NO_ENCHANT: Enchanting tables and anvils are disabled. 
LIMITATIONS: Players can only mine a max of 16 diamonds, 32 gold, and 64 iron.
EXTRA_INVENTORY: Allows players to use /extrainventory. 
TRIPLE_DROPS: Animal and mob drops will be tripled.  
DOUBLE_DROPS: Animal and mob drops will be doubled. 
DOUBLE_HEALTH: All players will have 20 hearts instead of 10. 
BETTER_ENCHANT: When you left-click enchant with a book, then enchant will be removed from the book. 
DOUBLE_OR_NOTHING: When you mine iron, gold, and diamond ore, players will have a 50% chance of 2 of the ore dropping or no ores dropping. 
BARE_BONES: Enchantment tables and anvils are disabled. Golden apples can't be crafted. The nether is disabled. Players drop 1 diamond, 2 golden apples, 32 arrows, and 2 string on death. 
LONG_SHOTS: If you get a shot from more than 50 blocks, you will get healed 1 heart and do 1.5x the damage. 
GOLDEN_RETRIEVER: Players drop 1 golden head on death. 
GONE_FISHING: Players will receive an Unbreaking 200 and Luck of the Sea 200 fishing rod along with a stack of anvils. 
HORSE_LESS: Horses and donkeys cannot be tamed.  
SOUP: When you right-click a soup, you regain 3.5 hearts. 
SWITCHEROO: Every time you shoot a player, you switch positions with them. 
HASTEY_BOYS: When you craft mining tools, they will be enchanted with Efficiency 3. 
OP_HASTEY_BOYS: When you craft mining tools, they will be enchanted with Efficiency 5.
HASTEY_BOYS_LITE: When you craft mining tools, they will be enchanted with Efficiency 1. 
BUILD_UHC: All players will receive a kit. 
HYPIXEL_HEADS: When you right-click a head, you will get Regeneration 3 for 4 seconds and Speed 2 for 20 seconds. 
SKY_HIGH: If your y coordinate is below the set Sky High Limit, you will take 1 heart of damage every 30 seconds.  
FLOWER_POWER: Every time you break a flower, it will drop a random item in the game. 
MOLES: One person on each team is chosen to be the "Mole". The moles are one team and can communicate with each other trying to take out the other players. The normal players are trying to find out who the mole is on their team and kill them.  
TRACKER: At the start of the game, players will receive a compass to track other players.
ANONYMOUS: All player's usernames and skins will be hidden. 
SUPERHEROS: Each player will gain a random special ability. Abilities are speed, strength, resistance, jump boost, and extra hearts. Fall damager is disabled. 
DND: Each time a player enters a fight, they will be restricted to just fighting that player. Once they leave combat, they might fight others. 
LAFS: Teams will be created based on the players finding another player and right-clicking on them. 
VEINMINER: When a player mines ores, the same type of block will break in a chain reaction if they are crouched. 
WOODLIFE: Coal is disabled. 
CORONAVIRUS: Every 5 minutes, one random player will receive confusion and poison effects.
LIMITEDP4: Players will only be able to enchant one item with Protection 4. 
NINESLOT: Only nine slots of the player's inventories are usable. 
CRIPLE: If a player takes fall damage, they receive slowness for 30 seconds. 
EVERYROSE: Each player will receive a golden chestplate with Thorns 3 at the start of the game. 
LIGHTSOUT: Players cannot place torches during the game. 
PYRO: Players will start the game with a Flame 1 and Fire Aspect 1 book. 
EXPOSURE: When a player crafts an enchantment table, they will be teleported to the surface and given Mining Fatigue for 1 minute. 
ZOMBIES: When a player dies, a zombie will be spawned at their death location. 
BETAZOMBIES: Zombies will drop feathers when killed. 
BOOKCEPTION: When a player dies, a random enchanted book will spawn at their death location. 
BALDCHICKEN: Chickens drop no feathers and skeletons drop 3 to 5 arrows. 
BIRDS: All players are given the ability to fly. 
PUPPYPOWER: All players will get a stack of bones, rotten flesh, and wolf spawn eggs. 
BLEEDINGSWEETS: When a player dies, they drop 1 diamond, 5 gold, 16 arrows, and 1 string.
NODIAMONDARMOR: Players cannot craft diamond armor.
CARROTCOMBO: When players craft swords, they will receive a carrot with an enchantment. (Wooden Sword = Sharpness 2 carrot | Gold Sword = Sharpness 2 carrot | Stone Sword = Sharpness 3 carrot | Iron Sword = Sharpness 5 carrot |Diamond Sword = Sharpness 6 carrot)
BOMBERS: Everyone starts with an unbreakable flint and stell and most animals and monsters drop TNT. 
CATSEYES: Everyone starts with night vision. 
LUCKYROULETTE: Every 2 minutes, players are given a random item. 
RANDOMIZER: Each block will drop a random item or material based upon the config settings.
BATS: When a player kills a bat, there is a 95% chance of dropping a golden apple and a 5% chance of killing the player. 
REDVSBLUE: Two teams (red and blue) will be randomly selected at the start of the game.
BENCHBLITZ: At the start of the game, players will get 1 crafting table. They will not be able to create more. 
NOODLEJUMP: At the start of the game, players will receive permanent jump boost.
GRASS_EXPLOSION: When players walk on grass it will have a 25% chance to explode. NOTE: Will start immediately upon scatter.
RAINING_TNT: Every minute TNT will rain down on 2 unlucky players. Starts two minutes into the game.

Config List

The following is provided for informational purposes only. They can be used in the specific placeholders listed in

NETHER - Boolean
FINAL_HEAL - Value (Int)
PVP_TIME - Value (Int)
NETHER_TIME - Value (Int)
FIRST_SHRINK - Value (Int)
APPLE_RATE - Value (Int)
SHEARS - Boolean
SHEARS_RATE - Value (Int)
FLAT - Boolean
EXACT_FLAT - Boolean
DEATH_KICK - Boolean
EXP_BOTTLE - Boolean
SKY_HIGH_TIME - Value (Int)
SKY_HIGH_LIMIT - Value (Int)
ANTIBURN - Boolean
IPVP - Boolean

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