3.100 - Changelog

Fixed Placeholders:
New Placeholders:
  • You can now use the scenario and game type placeholders in MOTD (BGHDDEV-229)
  • Fixed duplicate ores from vein miner when not crouching (BGHDDEV-233)
  • Added the NPC metadata tag to ignore any mob spawning limits for lobby. (BGHDDEV-238)
  • Added option to toggle mob spawning when pregen. (BGHDDEV-223)
  • Fixed party players being able to hit each other when prevent party damage was enabled.(BGHDDEV-221)
  • Fixed issue with pvp message sending when party members hit each other. (BGHDDEV-221)

Add this to your uhcconfiguration.yml
#Should mobs spawn while the server is in pregen? Recommended: true.
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3.100 - 2/28/2021
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