3.101 - Changelog

  • Teammates can no longer hit combat loggers from their own team. (BGHDDEV-245)
  • Leaderboards sometimes sends an error, I have added a catch to prevent spam. (BGHDDEV-248)
  • /configmanagement added. Requires uhc.edit.config or uhc.edit.scenarios. (BGHDDEV-247)
  • Added a null check to playerquitevent to catch a rare error. (BGHDDEV-240)
  • Added more checks to practice to keep generated cobble from spawning. (BGHDDEV-239)
  • Fixed an issue where Random scenarios were not being enabled in saved configs. (BGHDDEV-246)
  • Added /craft (uhc.craft.command) to open a crafting table. (BGHDDEV-225)
  • Small other fixes.

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3.101 - 3/12/2021
Config Changes