3.89 - Changelog

3.89 - 12/11/2020


  • Permission [fateuhc.cosmetics.*] added to unlock all cosmetics. (BGHDDEV-32)

  • /rescatter added to re-scatter a player once they are already ingame. (BGHDDEV-38)

  • You may now use {winner} in the reboot scoreboard. (BGHDDEV-46)

  • You can now change what effects the superheros scenaio uses. (BGHDDEV-48)

  • Added TwitterAPI messages to language.yml (BGHDDEV-49)

  • You can now do /scenario SCENARIO_NAME to enable/disable it. (BGHDDEV-50)

For the scenario command you must make sure the scenario name is exact. Head here to see the exact scenario names;


  • Fixed issue with ReplaceAll error on join/leave messages. (BGHDDEV-36)

  • Fixed issue with specs dropping items. (BGHDDEV-42)

  • Fixed issue with autostart message being incorrect. (BGHDDEV-45)

  • Fixed issue with autostart time being displayed in tweets as 0:00 when it was not active, now it will display as Auto Start Disabled. (BGHDDEV-44)

  • Issues with scatter command. (BGHDDEV-38)

Config Changes

Add this to your uhcconfiguration.yml

#Effects used randomly in Superheros scenario.
- "JUMP"