3.98 - Changelog

3.98 - 2/3/2021

This update makes major changes to the team system. Please note while we did do testing not all issues may have been caught. Please report any issues via Discord.


  • If you have the permission uhc.see.anonymous you will now see nametags of players when anonymous scenario is enabled. (BGHDDEV-146)

  • Recoded/Fixed LAFS (Love At First Sight) scenario. (BGHDDEV-185)

  • Recoded/Fixed RedVSBlue scenario. (BGHDDEV-117)

  • REDVSBLUE size removed from config admin. (BGHDDEV-117)

  • Added autofill option for teams to the /config admin menu. (BGHDDEV-186)

  • /lft command added. When you send this command it will send a message. (BGHDDEV-187)

Early version of the command.
  • Nether time has been fixed. (BGHDDEV-156, BGHDDEV-183)

  • Added new messages to messages.yml (AUTOMATIC)

Next Update

  • Scenario placeholders.

  • API update.

  • More fixes if bugs are found.

  • Cores.yml toggle file.